What is therapy?

At some point in their lives most people may go through times when they have difficulty coping with their emotions or situations they find themselves in. Sometimes it is hard for them to understand the reasons why they feel this way and life becomes difficult and even seems intolerable.

Counselling and psychotherapy provide a safe and confidential place to be heard, to discuss, explore and begin to understand feelings and experiences. Therapy is a non-judgemental relationship between you and your therapist where we can bring all aspects of our selves as human beings with all our experience, self-understanding and concerns.

Starting therapy can be felt as a big step and it is important to find someone that you feel you can work with. The therapy room is a safe, confidential space where you can work at your own pace and your therapist will listen and try to help you make sense of what you say and feel. This will happen over a course of regular sessions.

What can I expect from therapy sessions?

We will arrange an initial consultation where I will ask you to talk about yourself and your difficulties and you can ask me any questions or concerns about the treatment you may have.

In both counselling and psychotherapy you are encouraged to talk as freely as you can and you can be assured that your therapist will listen in a way that is attentive and non-judgmental.

You may be asked questions to help develop understanding of your difficulties, but you will not be given advice or solutions. As your therapist I will be helping you to explore your thoughts and feelings to help you make your own choices.

Talking in a safe and confidential environment, to someone who is not there to judge or advise, can help you become aware of the patterns of thinking and feeling that influence your behaviour and the choices you make. This can bring greater understanding of yourself and others, more freedom to discover helpful ways of coping with your difficulties and to make changes that might be of benefit.

Working with a skilled therapist can help you to understand how past experiences, concerns about the future or lack of confidence or self esteem may be affecting your life.

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